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Obesity Management Program

Root Cause Obesity Management Program (RCOMP) 

RCOMP is a 24 weeks/ 17 visits  comprehensive, personalized science-based medical obesity management program that aims to treat the root cause of metabolic problems emphasizing the emotional factors that are often missed when treating these conditions.

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Check out the 4 phases on RCOMP!

This phase is the most important phase of the program. It involves detoxification of the system and restoring balance, both medical, hormonal regulation, and mental. You will get a detailed medical, nutritional, and physical evaluation,  and a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session where your health goals are installed directly at the subconscious level.

We celebrate your wonderful progress and growth. During this visit, we see the before and after body measurements and labs. We put a long term plan and strategies to maintain the wonderful progress you achieved. You will graduate feeling light, energized, and free!

This phase is the sweet spot; you will feel intuned with your body. Nutrition plans are loosened to allow a realistic, sustainable lifestyle change. Physical activity is upgraded as energy is boosted. Confidence and self-love are installed. You will feel energized, and full of life, and very proud that inches are falling off your waist and the % body fat is dropping to target.

After reducing inflammation you get a tailored personalized dietary and/or medical obesity treatment. We will make sure you feel safe and well monitored along your journey. Medicine is used hand in hand with powerful relaxation techniques and progress is measured with 3D imaging not body weight!

Fruits and Vegetables

Induction Phase 

 7 visits

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Consolidation Phase 

5 visits

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4 visits

Confetti Girl


1 visit

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